CIL Group Pty Ltd was established in 1880 and remains a privately owned company by the Flipo family. It has a proud and successful history that can be attributed to the ongoing growth and commitment to providing quality products and services through innovation and strategy.

Originally involved with the trading and processing of wool, the group has diversified its operations mainly by the acquisition of suitable businesses. The companies that make up the group include IWD Pty Ltd, Abrasiflex Pty Ltd, Caddy Industrial Sales Pty Ltd, IWD Group Pty Ltd, and JWW Pty Ltd. Each company is involved with various activities listed below:

  • Industrial supplies of abrasives, and safety products
  • Wool dumping and storage
  • Logistics and service
  • Agribusiness
  • Waste water management products

The CIL Group aims to continue professional development with each of these sectors by investing in new technologies and acquiring suitable businesses.