IWD Pty Ltd



IWD Pty Ltd was located in North Fremantle on the wharf. The company commenced operations in the mid-1960s when a number of wool exporters and buyers saw the opportunity to improve the efficiency of exporting wool when containerisation was introduced in Australia.

Compressing (dumping) the size of the farm packed wool bale and containerising the finished product resulted in substantial cost and efficiency savings. Our production facility contains a number of Triple, Double, and Single Presses, allowing all possible packing configurations to be investigated to ensure total utilisation of container space is achieved.

IWD Pty Ltd designed and manufactured a number of Large Hydraulic Wool Dumping Presses to undertake this operation.

Using these presses and specially produced Steel Strapping Bands, up to 120 wool bales are able to be packed into each container, giving a full 100% utilisation. 

IWD Pty Ltd is one of the largest wool dumping Operations in the Southern Hemisphere. IWD has a long, proud history of service to the Australian Wool Industry. It has the ability to receive, dump, and containerise bales for shipment to all parts of the world. From the time of receiving the Wool Bale to final containerisation and dispatch to the Port of Fremantle for shipment to the end user, IWD tracks the movement of each individual bale. This tracking is achieved with the internal development of IWD Pty Ltd Ezimark system.

Ezimark is a robotic auto marking bale operator designed and manufactured locally. This system automatically sprays countermarks onto each bale in a clear scourable ink positioned to fit between steel strapping after dumping. The Ezimark is linked to IWD Pty Ltd advanced laser scanning unit and computer data base to minimise errors and to provide a high quality and accurate identification. On Receipt of Shipment, the legible bale markings allow quick bale identification, resulting in improved productivity and operation efficiencies.

This ensures a quick and efficient management of IWD Pty Ltd clients’ valuable product.


IWD address:

Lot 15, South Store, Sudlow Road
Bibra Lake WA 6163
Phone:  +61 8 9395 6000
Fax:       +61 8 9395 6099
email:    enquiries@iwd.com.au
web:       www.iwd.com.au