CIL Group is a private company owned by the Flipo family established in 1880 (operating under different names up to 1935). Its historic and main activity was the processing and exporting of wool around the world with its industrial facilities. Its slogan was “Buy well, Buy CIL.”

CIL Group started as a wool trader in France then Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Russia, China, and the USA. Following the collapse of the wool reserve price scheme in the 1990s, the group has decided to diversify. In 2004, the board of directors closed the wool trading and processing of the group.

This diversification away from wool has given new life and a strong future to a century old group which had been mainly focused on the wool business. CIL Group is now involved in four different activities:

INDUSTRY – IWD Pty Ltd based in Bibra Lake.
Based in Western Australia, IWD is a logistics service company to the wool export industry. Compressing and containerising wool for export generates substantial cost savings and improved efficiency.
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INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES – Abrasiflex, Workforce Clothing, Caddy Industrial Sales and IWD Group
Abrasiflex, Workforce Clothing and Caddy Industrial Sales are national wholesalers of workwear, abrasives, steel strapping, safety, pipe supports and related products. Our industrial supply companies have warehouses and representation in all mainland capital cities as well as distributors in regional centres.
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AGRIBUSINESS – Goulburn Wool Scours (GWS)
Formerly a wool scouring company in Goulburn NSW, the business now operates a cattle farm (Yarra Farm) and is commercialising a patented evaporative water treatment system called SETS (Solar Environmental Tube System). This technology was developed primarily to replace spray irrigation or pond evaporation for the disposal of waste water from industry or mining. It has the advantage of achieving zero discharge to ground with a very low energy input.
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LOGISTICS – Jandakot Wool Washing (JWW)
JWW owns and manages a 25,000 sqm warehouse in East Rockingham WA. The warehouse is currently utilised by several companies for logistics and fabrication.
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The aim for CIL Group is to continue its involvement and development of these sectors through expansion of the branch network and by the acquisition of suitable businesses. The company continues to invest into new technologies to further solidify our position in each of these markets.